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The Beatles Edition show sold-out two separate dates at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts before transitioning to a live stream platform, where it remains one of the Oakville Centre’s best-selling live streamed shows.

Haley Marie and her company, Aurelia Productions, have toured extensively through North America, Canada and Europe. She is currently developing a new classical edition of The Men Behind the Music, focusing on mental health issues experienced by some of the world’s greatest classical composers.

Becoming Haley Marie...

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Her analysis led to the creation of Aurelia Productions and its touring shows originally titled "The Men Behind the Music". These shows included, The Men Behind the Music: Genius & Drama; The Men Behind the Music: An Evening in Paris; O Holy Night: Five Centuries of Christmas Music; and, mostly recently, The Men Behind the Music: Beatles Edition (now Becoming the Beatles).

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Haley Marie’s passion has always been learning how to break the rules in her own meticulous way. The little girl who initially refused classical piano lessons became the young woman roaming the halls of both McGill University and the Yale University School of Music. She is now obsessed with telling audiences about the day-to-day lives of musical masterminds: uncovering hidden histories of personal turmoil, quirky relationships, emotional struggles, tumultuous friendships and inspiration from the most unexpected places.

Her curiosity led to the creation of the Becoming series. Countless hours were spent pouring over projections, storytelling and music to create these live musical documentaries. Analyzing everything from Bach to the Beatles, Haley Marie reveals the seemingly ordinary moments of artists’ lives that drove them to become extraordinary.

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“Absolutely superb and completely entertaining.  …you will leave with a greater appreciation of what made the Beatles ‘the Beatles’.”

- Rick Caldwell, Classic Theatre Cobalt

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Along with many scholars...

Haley Marie believes that—because of his personality and compulsive behaviour—Mozart would not be able to sit through a two-hour concert of his own music. (He was never expected to do so during his life!)

Do you have any strong, unique, random or otherwise interesting opinions about Mozart (or any other musicians throughout time)? I'd love to hear them.

Looking forward to reading your message!

Fun Facts

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Hover over a box to learn more about

Haley Marie

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Favourite Beatles Songs?

“Ticket to Ride”
“We Can Work It Out”
"Something" and

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Biggest obsessions?

Music, travel, chocolate and the colour royal blue.

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Where does your passion come from?

Finding behind-the-scenes stories about artists started with a music history teacher who would slip a few tidbits into class every so often.

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How did the series start?

The idea for the Becoming series came to her during a five-hour practice session in a dingy practice room at Yale.

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As a young girl...

Haley Marie loved rock and pop, and also loved to watch wrestling with her big brother. Later, she would come to love music when she found out that the music came from places that were just as interesting.

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