A brilliant, creative and unique combination of stunning visual imagery, dramatic historical narrative and exciting performances…an event not to be missed.

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They are known as the biggest musical geniuses of all time. Centuries after their death, scholars are still studying their compositions, musicians are still learning their music. But who were these men? What did people think of them when they were alive? And what inspired them so much that they were driven to write music that seems to have made them immortal?

The Men Behind the Music is a concert production created by Yale-educated flutist Haley Marie, who is inspired by the possibility of creating a new way for audiences to experience classical music. Film segments are used instead of program notes to introduce audiences to the world in which some of the most famous classical pieces were written, giving audiences a glimpse into the dramatic and often surprising history behind the music that will be performed.

“I remember sitting in an orchestra rehearsal at Yale. We were preparing for a concert and the conductor took some time to talk to us about the music. He told us about the composer’s personality, the inspiration behind the music, and other background information that made us see the music in a totally new way, giving it more meaning. When concert night came and I sat there onstage, I couldn’t help but be disappointed that the audience didn’t know any of the information that we had been told a few days earlier. None of this information was in the program notes. This instilled in me a longing to share these stories with my audience – I want them to see the music as I do.

Behind every piece of classical music is a story of someone who was inspired by people, emotions and the world in which they lived.”

Haley Marie


June 23, 2011 – 7:30pm

Berney Theatre
123 Doncaster Street [map]
For tickets: 250-0147

This production is not recommended for children under the age of 14.

Artistic Director

Haley Marie


Haley Marie, flute
Eric Lussier, harpsichord
Yuri Hooker, cello
Mary Lawton, violin
Carole Pollard, piano
Karin Erhardt, cello

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