Artist’s Statement

“I am in love with music because I believe it expresses things that we cannot put into words. Music, in my opinion, has the ability to bring people together and add something extraordinary to our lives.

Classical music is different from many other types of music because it was created much before other genres that we listen to. As a musician, I strive to make music with a keen awareness of the time in which it was created. At the same time, I feel it is my responsibility to create concerts for today’s culture and to be insistent on keeping the audience in mind.

Like a dancer or an athlete, it is my constant goal to use the body in the most natural way possible in order to create music that sounds free and effortless. I am inspired by the art of dance, visual arts, people and the beauty of the world around us. Learning an instrument is a demanding and life-long process, but it is something I still feel lucky to do every time I pick up the flute.”

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